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Publish Your Purpose: An Author’s Journey

Feb 6, 2018

Welcome to episode 17 of Publish Your Purpose: An Author's Journey with publisher, Jenn T. Grace and author, Mark David Gibson and special guest Aaron Borrelli (Mr. Wonderful)
  • Setting up a support system that works
  • Goal setting with those that support the author
  • Support system built into the process, your gonna need it
  • Editorial process, enlist your support system to help you
  • Trust the process, trust the support system and begin to gently let go…this will get your primed for the release/launch
  • The relationships with your support system will deepen
  • The struggle is real, what your support system can do to assist 
  • Emotional journey, the behind the scene support system
  • How to combat the opposite affect of support system
  • If you're working with a strategist be ready for up close and personal 
  • Support system helps do battle with doubt
  • Defining a path in the levels of chaos and intimacy 

The Publish Your Purpose Podcast: An Author’s Journey features the unique relationship between an author and their publisher. This podcast follows author, Mark David Gibson, through the publishing process of his memoir “Served in Silence.” Alongside him you’ll hear from Publish Your Purpose Press, Founder and CEO, Jenn T. Grace, as she navigates Mark through this journey. This authentic, empathetic, and at times comedic duo take will take you on the journey from having an idea in your head to holding a book in your hand. You’ll go through all of the emotional ups and downs with Mark as this podcast covers his experience in real time. You’ll learn how to be better prepared when you set out to write your story. Whether you are writing a memoir or any non-fiction where a piece of your story is shared, you’ll be better equipped for success after having listened to this show.

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